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HASCO's Steamrunner aims to produce injection moulded parts cost

Sep 02, 2023

Design freedom

Multi-component injection moulding

Through the free three-dimensional design of the runners, completely new possibilities are also created in multi-component injection moulding. Different plastic components or colours can be spread over a very small space and the runners can be intertwined. It is claimed that this allows product designers to overcome existing restrictions in the design of plastic mouldings and to utilise new design options.

Compact and efficient

Because the hot runner gets by without separate diverting elements, very small nozzle gaps can be achieved. Depending on the chosen nozzle size, cavity-to-cavity distances (pitch) from 18 mm can be deployed. The manifold height can also be made 20-30 mm lower than with conventional manifold blocks.

As with all other hot runner systems from HASCO hot runner, the company claims that the Streamrunner can be adapted individually for the respective application not only as regards the form and size. If desired, it is also available as a fully wired modular system or as a completely assembled hot half with precisely coordinated control technology.

According to HASCO, the use of the Streamrunner, injection-moulded parts can be produced cost-effectively. The compact design requires smaller mould sizes and thus smaller injection moulding machines for production. In addition, the low mass of the manifold block reduces energy consumption, thus achieving an additional cost saving.

Additively manufactured

HASCO says it keeps a close watch on the rapid developments being made in the field of additive manufacturing and constantly updates the manufacture of the Streamrunner to take the latest innovations into account. New developments are tested in-house in the company’s technical centre and constantly optimised. HASCO hot runner guarantees the highest quality standards to ISO 9001.

Design freedom Multi-component injection moulding Compact and efficientAdditively manufactured