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Six Hasco innovations for tool and mould making

May 24, 2023

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April has come to an end and it is time to finally summarise what the standard parts specialist Hasco has added to its portfolio in recent months.

Among the latest news Hasco delivers about its product range for tool and mould making is what it calls an extensively expanded ejector range for injection moulds. In fact, no less than 600 additional ejector types complete the range so that every injection moulded part can be cleanly demoulded. And because there really are so many on offer, Hasco provides a suitable, interactive selection table, which can be called up in the media library on the website.

With a total of 26 product groups and 5,500 variants, Hasco's ejector variety covers almost all applications for mould making. Users can choose an ejector pin initially and then click directly on the product group (such as Z40/...) in the associated PDF. From there, there is a direct link to the corresponding portal page. The user-friendly ejector configurator also allows the creation of individually cut ejectors. The desired length is defined with just a few clicks. Delivery time and price are then directly visible, with Hasco pointing out the minimum waiting time.

With many injection moulded parts, undercuts or recesses in a plastic part cannot simply be removed from the injection mould in the main demoulding direction by means of an ejector pin. In this case, however, movable built-in parts in the mould enable damage-free demoulding of the injection-moulded article. Sliding elements of various designs are used for this purpose, as Hasco further explains

The complex Hasco slide unit program Z18140/... sets standards in terms of demoulding smaller undercuts or recesses. The extensive portfolio with gate valve housings (square and round) and gate valve locks (square, round and rectangular) offers various installation options. Three standardised installation geometries are also available from stock.

Sliders for contour attachments for individual mould core design are also available, according to the statement. The combination of two slider variants results in a total of 12 different assemblies covering many dimensions and materials. Optionally, they could be supplied with or without DLC coating. In total, Hasco offers dimensionally matched components for more than 250 slide combinations.

The slide units, which can be easily mounted from the parting line, are characterised by long slide travels, among other features. Appropriate shims are available for adjusting the slide position. An optimised locking system can also withstand high forces, according to Hasco. Those who opt for a DLC coating on the sliders enjoy increased sliding properties and a long service life. The compatibility of all components within the Hasco slide unit range is of course guaranteed.

With the additively manufactured Streamrunner, Hasco has also ushered in a new era in the world of hot runner technology. Developed with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes in mind, this hot runner product has opened up new possibilities for mould makers and injection moulders. The Streamrunner is a hot runner manifold with maximum degrees of freedom in design. As Hasco points out, the flow channels can be designed rheologically optimally via 3D printing by completely avoiding sharp edges and areas with poor flow. This material-friendly melt guidance guarantees a significantly lower shear stress on the plastic melt and leads to a better quality of the injection moulded parts. The flow-optimised design also makes colour changes faster, because the melt is divided and the material is diverted via generous radii.

The Steamrunner can also distribute different plastic components or colours in a very small space and intertwine the channels. This expands the limits of component design, reduces the amount of material required and ultimately saves mould costs. Injection moulding on smaller machines also becomes possible.

Because the additively manufactured hot runner does not require separate deflection elements, very narrow nozzle distances can be realised. Depending on the nozzle size used, nest distances from 18 millimetres are possible. The overall height can also be 20 to 30 millimetres lower than with conventional manifold blocks, as Hasco emphasises. On request, the Steamrunner is available as a fully wired installation system or as a completely assembled "hot side" with precisely matched control technology. Incidentally, the Steamrunner has been selected by Kunststoff Magazin as the product of the year 2023.

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