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New 'Moments

Jul 15, 2023

As part of their ongoing 40th anniversary celebration, Tokyo Disney Resort will release a new “Moments-Go-Round” collection that allows guests to customize their own Mickey-shaped display piece.

This collectible is constructed using up to seven elements, with a crystal at the center inspired by your favorite attraction.

The parts are the base, “moment,” ear, letters, charm, chain, and cradle.

When assembled together, the parts make a unique display piece.

These are just examples of the different ways the “Moments-Go-Round” items can be constructed (keep scrolling to see each individual piece).

They will be available beginning August 17 at Planet M in Tokyo Disneyland and Bella Minni Collections in Tokyo DisneySea.

There are two different bases: luminous gold and dreaming antique. Both have “40” on the front of one ear and Tinker Bell with the Tokyo Disney Resort logo on the back of one. On the luminous gold base, the “40” is set against a sparkly white background. The gold one also features Cinderella Castle on the back of an ear and Roman numerals around the circular center.

The “40” is against a sparkly blue background on the dreaming antique base. It features Mount Prometheus instead of the castle and zodiac symbols around the circle. Both have a rounded castle cutout on the “40” side.

The bases include a key for attaching parts.

The widest variety of selections can be found with the “moment” parts, each representing a different attraction or show (many defunct) with a unique outer circle featuring the attraction’s name and opening date, along with a small figure inside the center crystal.

Some parts will only be available in a specific park. The My Friend Duffy “memory” will be at Tokyo DisneySea.

Each ear part features the silhouette of a different character against a colorful stained glass-esque background:

The letters can be slid onto a bar on the base, to spell out your name or another short word of your choosing (see examples below). In addition to the letters, there is an ampersand, Mickey head, and Cinderella Castle part.

These charms are attached to a loop on one of the base’s ears. They feature the same characters and colors as the ear parts. The characters are in golden relief within triangles with decorative corners.

There is a luminous gold chain and a dreaming antique chain, both for hanging your completed piece like an ornament.

You can also choose a cradle. This one is golden and shaped like a crown with “Tokyo Disney Resort” along the crown’s base.

The larger cradle has an antique finish. A curved arm features various Tokyo Disney Resort icons like Cinderella Castle, Mount Prometheus, and Space Mountain. A star is at the end of the arm, above a hook for hanging the Mickey piece. The base has a Tokyo Disney Resort plaque.

Are you hoping to make one of these “Moments-Go-Round” display pieces? Tell us your ideal combination in the comments below.

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