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How to kill Grym in 'Baldur's Gate 3'

Aug 06, 2023

The Adamantite Forge's guardian isn't as tough as it looks

Baldur’s Gate 3 is chock-full of villains, but few are as durable as Grym, the guardian of the Adamatite Forge. If you haven’t reached that area yet, look away to avoid spoilers — but if you’re stuck there and wondering how to damage the golem, here’s how to kill Grym in Baldur’s Gate 3.

When arriving at the Adamantite Forge, turning the Lava Valve will flood the forge with magma and summon Grym, the “Eternal Protector of the Forge”. A level eight enemy with 300 health points, Grym is one of the toughest enemies in the opening hours of Baldur’s Gate 3.

On top of dealing significant amounts of damage, Grym can also use his adamantite armour to become completely immune to damage. If that’s what you’re dealing with at the moment, don’t worry: Grym is deceptively simple once you know what you’re up against, and the below strategy can take the hulking golem out in a couple of turns.

Before the battle starts, split your party members up so that they’re spaced out across the forge. You’ll want one party member waiting at the Forge Lever you used to lower the forge, another at the Lava Valve, and another at the western circle. You’ll also need to have another party member with ranged or magic ready to jump on top of the platform you inserted a Mould into, so they’re best waiting on the western or southern platform.

When the forge is flooded with lava and Grym emerges, the goal is to lure him onto the forge’s central anvil. Grym will attempt to attack the last person that hit him, so make sure that the party member standing on the Mould platform is his target — you’ll know they’re being targeted if “Threat Assessment” pops up over Grym.

From there, Grym should charge up toward the anvil. When he’s in place, have your party member on the southern platform pull the Forge Lever with their action. This will bring down the forge’s metal piston, doing upwards of 100 damage and knocking Grym prone.

However, it’s worth noting that Grym needs to be superheated to take damage. This shouldn’t be a problem if you lure him to the anvil early, but if he loses the status, he’ll stop taking any damage from party members and the piston. This is relatively easy to avoid — have your northern party member spin the Lava Valve if the forge empties — but do keep an eye on that status, as mistiming it can give Grym a chance to fight back.

Once you have Grym on the anvil, it’s just a matter of repeatedly pulling the Forge Lever and hammering him until he’s dead. When Grym is close to dying, he’ll summon a horde of fire mephits to swarm players, but these are fragile and can be dispatched fairly easily.

Once the mephits and Grym lie dead, loot the construct to grab the ‘Grymskull Helm’ — a Very Rare, heavy armour helmet that prevents attackers from landing critical hits on the wearer. Finally, don’t forget to grab any adamantite armour or weapons you’ve forged while here.

While that’s it for Grym, we’ve got plenty of other guides for getting you through the Forgotten Realms alive. If you’re already looking toward your next playthrough or you’re putting together a multiplayer campaign, here’s some advice on which class to play in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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